August 16, 2022

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Dundee Neighborhood Wire: Petition

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One Size Does Not Fit All – Keep CHOICE In Our Schools

To Omaha Public School Board Members,

This is a reminder that you represent us, your community. We are students, parents, educators and tax payers. Please listen to what we have to say.

Let each high school determine the scheduling format that best suits the needs of the students, teachers, and programs at that school. Keep choice in our district; we are not all the same.

Do not allow the implementation of the proposed Academies and Pathways to begin in the 2021-2022 school year. No one has asked us what we would really like at our schools. We have a lot of great ideas and we need time to help the district put these programs in place. Also, we’re tired. This past year has been hard, scary, and frustrating. We just want to focus on getting back on our feet and catching up on lost learning before tackling something new.

Remember that everyone needs an opportunity—an opportunity to choose their own best path. This might be in an Academy or Pathway, or it might be with a liberal arts education. Don’t require that each student participate in an Academy or Pathway. Again, we are not all the same.

Thank you for hearing us.

Sign The Petition Today (Petiton Link)! Share with others in our neighborhood.

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